Meet Bobby Hills

Bobby Hills is a highly experienced massage therapist with over 36 years of practice in a variety of bodywork techniques. Bobby has honed his skills in sports massage therapy and structural balancing, which have allowed him to work with clients in all sorts of situations, from helping individuals with a broken neck injuries recover to good health, to assisting high-school athletes reach top performances in tight timeframes with given injuries they were experiencing.

Bobby’s expertise in structural balancing has also allowed him to work with the Denver Broncos, where he only had a few minutes to assess and address the players’ issues. He has helped kickers with tightness and dysfunction by performing muscular releases on their bodies. These techniques have also been effective with other athletes and professionals such as martial artists and ballet dancers, where the injury may not heal properly until the abductors release enough to allow the pubic/syphsis to go back into place.

Bobby’s sessions involve a combination of techniques, including cranial/sacral release, myofascial release, neuromuscular release, reflexology, cupping, and Chinese lineaments. He utilizes these techniques to bring the body into balance, with a focus on releasing bound-up imbalances to relieve pain. Bobby also emphasizes the importance of a smoothly operating lymphatic system to promote healing.

After a few sessions with Bobby, clients typically experience significant improvement in their movement and reduced pain. Bobby also encourages complementary practices such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Pilates to further support the body’s healing process.

Overall, Bobby’s extensive experience in bodywork, coupled with his integrative approach to sports massage therapy and structural balancing, allows him to help clients achieve optimal wellness and function.